Monday, December 12, 2016

Going Home Book

KF7STR The main thing to remember is to just talk NORMAL. Talk just like you would to someone in person. There's nothing different about talking over the radio. Using slang jargon just labels a person as an X-CB'er. If you want to fit in, just talk normal. The only difference is that we're required to identify with our call sign. Other than that, just talk normal. Security Codes – matches • IF ‘this’, then ‘that’. • Each day has a different frequency • Small paper copy of Code sheet • 4x6 notebook (write in the rain) • Pages have each situation with code. Where to go, what to do, (everyone has same book) • Revolving system with offset. • HAM radio / headset Travel on foot / stalking • Hand signals • Positions • Retreat plan / attack plan • Shooting plan Garbage bags / liners for water protection. • Poncho • Hammock • Para cord • NVG • Compass • Map • Tarp • Merino wool socks (warm when wet) • Gloves • Zip lock bags • Stove • Stove fuel • Pot / lifter • Mess kit • Olive oil • Tobacco • Folding spatula • Utensils • Dish soap / scrubber • Water bottle • Filter / empty container • Canteen • Clean bandana • knife • Cutting board (small) • BBQ grill • Fire steel • Trowel • Salt/pepper • Esbit stove / tabs • Head lamp • Goal zero panel / charger batteries • Ham Antenna • Ham radio • Notebook with frequency info. / Daily codes • Watch / time piece • Binoculars • Hat • • Trip wire • Signals • • Sniper hide • Taser (non-lethal) • Decoys • • Firecrackers • Suppressor • Radio transmission to distract • Handcuffs • Zip ties • Rope • • Machete • Backup batteries • Trash bags • Towel • • MRE • Heater pouch • Bic lighter • Communication Schedule • Same time each day • Same frequency If there’s any shooting hit the ground, then move to cover. Take a knee, and get ready to shoot. Safety off. Plan to get home. Where to meet if we don’t hear from anybody. • Write name and date on back of road signs. (sharpie) • Ultimate location – note if have to leave • GPS coordinates Where to go if we have to leave – Emergency locations Security • 2-3 person teams. • Back up the other • Sniper • Always one hanging back out of sight – Last chance man. …… -CQ CQ CQ CQ twenty (eighty,forty,fifteen,ten) meters,this is Polish station SP9HZX.This is Sierra Papa nine Hotel Zulu X-ray calling CQ and standing by.Come in,please! -Calling station 9H3BK,9H3BK this is KF7STR calling you and standing by. -Answering call KF7STR, this is SP9HZX returning.Good morning (good afternoon,good evening,good night) old man. Thank you very much for replying to my call. I am very glad to meet you for the first time (after such a long time,again). I know only a little English. Your report here is 59,readability five(four,three,two,one) and signal strength nine(eight,seven,six,five,four,three,two,one). You have an excellent (very good,good) modulation. My QTH is Tychy,I spell Tango Yankee Charlie Hotel Yankie and my name is Andy.I spell,Alfa Norway Delta Yankee. Now I will give the mike to you again and please tell me how you are getting me there. 9H3BK,SP9HZX is standing by for you.Come in,please! -Answer to 9H3BK Hello 9H3BK, SP9HZX right back.One hundred per cent.Thank you for fine report. I am using a Kenwood transceiver TS430S. The power here is about one hundred (ninety,eighty,seventy,sixty,fifty,forty,thirty,twenty,ten,five)watts. I am using a dipole (folded dipole,long wire antenna,rotary beam). I will send you my QSL card and I would like to get yours. Well,old man,certainly it was very nice talking with you and thank you very much for this fine contact. So I wish you good luck and I hope to meet you again very soon. Best seventy three and good DX. 9H3BK,SP9HZX is standing by for your final.Go ahead,please! -Final Fine,9H3BK this is SP9HZX again once more. One hundred per cent,OK,and thank you very much for all. 9H3BK,SP9HZX is off and clear and wishing you a very good morning (good afternoon,good evening,good night). -WX: It is sunny.It is windy.It is raining.It is snowing.It is very hot.It is very cold.The temperature is 20C.It is overcast.It is foggy.It has been raining all day. >>> QSO in Am English mp3 - by courtesy of NJ3U. Thanks Rory! NVG 5 gallon gas cans

Friday, December 9, 2016


Hiking General Headlamp Toiletry Kit Poncho Garbage bags Fire starter TP Zip tie Belt knife Ziploc bags

Small First Aid

Small First Aid kit Bandaid Pain Meds Moleskin Tape Gauze pad Carmex

Hiking - Simple

HIKING - Simple Small knife Small light TP Small first aid Lighter Whistle Para-cord Bandanna Filter


Tools Paracord Screwdriver Pliers Super glue Duct tape Zip ties Allen wrench

Daily Extended

Daily Extended Sling pack Water bottle Gloves Pepper spray TP Small bag Bandanna Batteries Contact List Whistle Battery backup Phone cable Duct tape Cash Pen Paper Sharpie Leatherman USB Hearing Protection Sunglasses Hat

Every Day Carry (EDC)

Pocket knife
Cash / Card
Fresnel lens
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asdf sdfkeys
as sdfdfwallet
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